Insights: Joint Ventures in Cyprus

A Joint Venture is where two parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task. A joint venture can be created by (a) a contractual agreement between the parties (b) setting up separate legal entity (c) establishing a partnership and (d) establishing a European Economic Interest Grouping

Insights: Cross Border Mergers of Cyprus Limited Liability Companies

Following the implementation of Directive 2005/56/EC (Cross-border Mergers Directive) into local law by Law 2 of 186(I) of 2007, Cyprus Companies Law, Cap. 113 now provides the framework for cross-border mergers of limited liabilities companies, where at least one of the merging limited liability companies is a Cyprus company or where the limited liability company resulting from the cross-border merger is a Cyprus company.

Cyprus Company Law Update: Significant amendments to Cyprus Companies Law (Law 4 of 2015)

Amending Law 4 of 2015 introduced important innovations to Cyprus Companies Law (Cap. 113) (the “Law”).  These innovations are aimed at simplifying processes and increasing competitiveness. The amendments came into effect from the 19th of June 2015. Following the amendments, it is  now possible for a  company to be incorporated as a general commercial company…

Insights: Cyprus Company Law – Shareholders Agreements

1.    Introduction The questions below are intended to help shareholders identify and, if relevant, negotiate certain (indicative only) matters regarding regulation of a Cyprus company. The questions are aimed at providing a starting point for discussions between the owners regarding the establishment of a management structure of a Cyprus company. Note that not all the…

Insights: Cyprus Company Law – Protecting Minority/Oppressed Shareholders rights

1.    Introduction Cyprus Company Law is based on the principle of the majority rule. Consequently Cyprus courts will not generally interfere in the internal management of companies. However, in cases where shareholders become oppressed by the controlling or majority shareholders or even the board of a Company, minority or oppressed shareholders can seek redress and…